How to Get Away with Murder: How to Murder Your Neighbor to Get away with Murder

I got a little frustrated with my neighbor last year, who I saw for the first time last year.

We didn’t get along, and I felt like we were going to be at war over this.

Then, I got into a verbal spat over the summer and ended up getting him fired.

When the firing happened, I took a photo of it and sent it to my friends, who told me I should’ve known better.

My friend, who’s black, said I should have been nicer.

I was upset, but I thought, if he’s going to take that away from me, then I’ll do it to someone else.

I also told him that my family had moved from Alabama to DC in the past few years, and that we were not supposed to live in the same apartment complex as our neighbors.

I thought he might see me as trying to put me in a bad light.

I’ve never been a good neighbor. 

I’m a middle-aged white woman who was raised by an aunt and uncles.

My mother, an alcoholic, once beat her pregnant daughter with a belt.

My brother and sister-in-law were beaten up by their parents for walking home late at night from a friend’s house. 

When I grew up, my dad was my best friend.

My grandmother, who died in a car accident, was my mother’s best friend, and my brother and I grew to be very close.

We hung out with my brothers and sisters on our own, and we would spend time playing tag with each other.

When I was growing up, I never got that much respect from people, so it was a big shock to me.

My uncle and aunt both went to law school.

My dad was an attorney, and he was my first law school classmate.

I don’t know what it was like growing up in the South where racism and prejudice are normalized.

I think that people who are white in the U.S. often think that there’s a level of respect they don’t have, which makes it harder to fight against it. 

One of the things that I think people overlook when they think about my situation is the fact that my aunt and uncle both had jobs in the criminal justice system.

When my uncle was a defense attorney, he was able to work for poor people who were getting deported.

My aunt was a corrections officer, and she was a black woman.

When we were kids, I always had that in mind.

When she worked as a corrections cop, she would make sure that people weren’t in the wrong because she was working to help them. 

That’s when I realized that I had a lot to be grateful for.

I wasn’t a person who was always looking to be the hero, and in my family’s experience, it was much more complicated than that. 

My mom’s aunt was deported because she didn’t have enough money for a lawyer to fight her case, and when she got to DC, she got a job as a probation officer.

She took it pretty well.

When people tell me that I don “have a bad heart,” I don-  I don’t.

When someone tells me that they think I’m not good at math, I know I’m trying to make a point.

I never really thought that I was a bad person, and if someone had told me that in the year or two that I lived in the US, I wouldn’t have thought twice about doing anything I thought would help the people in my life.

I also feel like I’m very fortunate that my mom and dad are living out of state, because I would have never been able to do anything.

I’m fortunate that they’re able to live here and to be able to afford my tuition, but my mom is the one who is in prison. 

What do you do to fight racism? 

I live in an area where I see a lot of people that I feel really connected to and I’m aware of the issues that they face.

I know how much work goes into creating positive change in this world, and so I try to be as open and honest as possible.

I try not to let my ignorance get in the way of my effort to make the world a better place. 

How can I fight racism and discrimination? 

First, I try my best to not be an asshole.

If someone tells you that you’re being an asshole, it’s usually because they’re not aware of how bad the world can be.

And then I try and find out what they have to say, and just tell them what’s going on. 

If someone tells us that they hate us, that they feel like we’re not good enough, or that we’re racist, we need to find out about it.

I get it when people tell us that we need more money for college.

I need to do what I can to get

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