Canmore students have swimming lessons online in Ontario

Canmore, ON (AP) Students at Canmore’s Canmore High School have been able to use their smartphones and tablets to take swimming lessons through a school’s online swimming lessons system.

The Canmore Independent School District says the district is using the technology to offer more than 3,000 hours of swimming lessons per year.

A district spokesperson says the program was created to allow students to learn more and improve their skills in an environment where the district was also offering a physical swimming pool and indoor swimming pool.

The district says it was founded by Canmore parents and teachers and is now an independent district with a staff of 10, including principal Michael Smith.

Canmore Public School principal Michael Breen says it’s been a learning experience for the school, which has had about 3,100 students in its swimming lessons program since its inception in August 2015.

We wanted to create an opportunity for them to get their hands on these new technologies, he says.

He says they’ve had some success with the students, with some learning a new sport, but many haven’t yet gotten to that point.

Some students were able to take the lessons at the park, and others had to make do with an indoor swimming session, he said.

The school’s board voted Thursday to create the Canmore-based company, which will be run by Canby Sports, Inc. of Toronto.

The board also approved a $20,000 grant from the Ontario Government to help cover the cost of operating the Canby Swim School.

Canby is also seeking a $50,000 federal grant to fund the project.

The program will be available for two years.

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