How to get started in a lifeguard job in Queensland

The Queensland Government is set to introduce new legislation to encourage the public to work in the water, with the aim of making lifeguards more competitive.

Key points:A lifeguard can now earn up to $300,000A new law allows a lifeboat to carry people in case of emergencies.

The law also includes a ‘lifeguard education and training program’A new Lifeboat Safety Training program will be established in 2017The legislation will create a new “lifeboat education and skill” training program that will be available to all Queensland lifeguards in 2017.

Lifeguards are the only public service jobs in the state that do not have a specific “training program” for their jobs.

The Queensland Government has already created a “lifeguard training program” that will lead to apprenticeships for lifeguards who wish to work with other Queensland lifeguard companies.

The legislation also allows a “lifesaving lifeboat” to carry passengers in case the lifeboat has been “in an emergency”.

The bill, which will be introduced this week, was passed in the State Parliament on Monday, the first time that a raft of changes has been passed in a legislative session.

“The current situation means we are not able to recruit the best people to the job,” Queensland Lifeguard Federation president Dave Wilson said.

“Our members are the ones that are going to be really looking to make sure that we are recruiting the best.”

Mr Wilson said the new legislation would allow for a “lifestyle change” to the profession.

“It will mean that we will have an emphasis on our job in terms of our safety and our skills in regards to the lifeguard role,” he said.

In addition to the new training, the legislation will also introduce a new Lifeguard Education and Training Program that will help to increase the pool of qualified lifeguards.

“We have a number of things in the bill that are geared towards that, which is a focus on our safety, a focus in terms the training, and the life safety awareness and training,” Mr Wilson said.

“We have got to have an education and a skill set, and this is really geared towards what we are trying to do as a life safety industry.”

He said the Queensland Government wanted to create “a workforce that is highly qualified and will provide a high level of safety to Queenslanders”.

“That means that we need to make it as competitive as possible,” Mr Wood said.

He said many Queenslanders had “been to the beach before”, but were not fully trained.

“They are just not aware of the seriousness of what they are doing and the potential risks they are exposing to their own safety and well-being,” Mr Williams said.

The introduction of the legislation comes after Queensland’s Lifeguard Training Program was rolled out to the rest of the state.

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