How to swim in a sea of tears

It’s a sad sight to see the tears of a drowning child bobbing in the water as he struggles to swim away, but when the tears start to run and the world stops moving, that’s when it’s time to grab a pair of swim goggles.

What are swim goggles?

A pair of swimming goggles are the perfect solution for those times when the world slows to a crawl and you need to focus on keeping the world moving and looking the part.

The idea is to use the goggles to block out the light, keeping your pupils as wide open as possible.

Swimming goggles are typically worn by swimmers of all ages, from babies to adults, but for the average person they’re great for those who just want to keep swimming.

For kids the goggles have the added benefit of preventing injuries from getting caught in the net.

How do you buy one?

Swimming goggles can be bought in many different colours and shapes, from the basic black and white ones to more sophisticated designs.

There are even plastic versions available that can fit over your nose.

Some people like to go for the black and gold version, which is what you’ll find at most sporting goods stores.

Swimming in black and green is a bit more difficult, but that’s not the point here.

There are many types of swimming shoes available, ranging from the cheaper option of sneakers to the more expensive option of running shoes.

There’s even a range of swimwear with waterproofing, as well as ones with more breathable material.

Swimming shoes are a great choice for those with short legs, which makes them a good choice for anyone who’s a little short-footed or who wants to go swimming on a regular basis.

The basic swim goggles will do for the beginner and casual swimmers, while the more sophisticated versions will suit people with more experience.

The best way to get the most out of these swim goggles is to buy them on sale.

Why buy a pair?

As well as keeping your eyes open for danger, the goggles also help to keep your eyes on the water.

They block out distractions and keep you focused on the task at hand.

You might think they’ll make swimming a little easier, but this is a myth.

If you’re going to go out swimming, you’re probably going to need to wear goggles at all times, and it’s best to keep them in place at all time.

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