Freedom swim lessons for kids in the South will get a boost

A new federal law allows the public to have their own, free, low-cost, and accessible, high-intensity swim lessons from around the nation.

According to the National Association of State Directors of Educational Programs, in states where low-income families have to pay a fee for public school attendance, such as Mississippi, the opportunity to use the public school system as a place to learn for free and easily is vital.

“It’s time to bring back low-fee, high quality, and free public swimming lessons to our children, and we’re working hard to make that happen,” said Jennifer Fitch, the director of the Association of New York State Directors.

As part of its effort to expand access to swimming lessons in states across the country, the Association for the Advancement of High-Intensity Swimming (AAHS) recently teamed up with several local advocacy groups to launch Freedom Swims, an online education program that provides low- or no-cost access to free swimming lessons for children from all over the country.

The program is available on a sliding scale based on income level, but in order to receive a free lesson, participants must pay an initial fee of $5 per month, or $2.25 per week, or, for those who are paying monthly, $1.50 per week.

Students can access a wide range of lessons, including: Free low-pressure swimming lessons with instructors from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Free high-pressure lessons that include instruction in hand-eye coordination and breathing techniques and how to stay calm during a high-impact activity.

Free high-level swim lessons with guidance on how to use a variety of techniques and skills in order do an individualized swimming class or group swim.

A video lesson for kids of any age can be accessed by entering their zip code or a brief description of the program.

Other low- and no-fee swim lessons available through the program include: Low-pressure and high-powered swimming lessons.

High-pressure, low power swimming lessons, where participants learn how to control the intensity of a stroke while maintaining a stable, comfortable position.

Free, high power, and low pressure swimming lessons where participants develop their own skills and develop their physical fitness and aerobic capacity.

Free low-and no-fees high-speed swimming lessons that involve high-stress events such as a water race.

Low-cost high-and low-speed swim lessons that are also free and available at no cost.

More than 70 organizations, including the National Partnership for Women and Families, the American Heart Association, and the National Sports Foundation have signed on to the program, which is now available in more than 30 states.

Among the participating organizations are the National Foundation for New York, the New York Children’s Hospital, the National Children’s Health Foundation, and The Children’s Museum of Chicago.

Since its launch, Freedom Swimmers has received national media coverage, including from ABC News, CBS, ABC News Online, NBC News, MSNBC, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, USA Today, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News,, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

On the Web,, the new website, is available to sign up for the program and to find a local school.

If you are interested in participating in the program please visit or call the National Swimming Pool Association at 1-800-522-3340.

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