How to take a dive in a new style

Dosils is a company that uses the same design philosophy as swimwear brand Pomp and Circumstance, which are based in Switzerland.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the company unveiled a new line of swimwear, called the Dosils Swim Collection.

The brand also announced the addition of two more styles: the Dosil Super Slim and the Doslil Pro.

Doslils founder and CEO Michael Dornstein said the company wanted to give the public something different, and to get the word out about how they created the first swimwear in the world.

Dosls has been making swimwear for more than a decade, and launched the brand in 2015.

Dosils Super Slim, for example, is a short-sleeve swimsuit with a full-length silhouette.

The DoslIL Swim Collection features a wide-leg silhouette, a long-sleeved silhouette, and a skinny fit.

The two new swimwear styles are available in two sizes: the skinny Fit and the skinny Super Slim.

Both styles are priced at $140.

The company also launched a new Swim App for Android and iOS that allows users to create their own videos, photos, and other content.

The new Swim app is available in the Google Play store and on Apple’s App Store.

The Swim Collection is the latest in a string of launches from the company.

In December, the swimwear company also unveiled the new Doslilion Pro Swimwear, which is a longer-slipper version of the Dosllil.

The Pro Swimsuit is priced at about $170 and features a narrower fit.

Dosllion is also expanding its swimwear line to include the DosLil Super Soft, which will be available later this year for about $150. 

Dornststein said that Doslills swimwear business model is based on “a long-term investment in quality.”

“The Doslila swimwear series is the first in the company’s history,” he said.

“It was the result of years of research and design collaboration, and we wanted to offer the widest range of products possible.”

Doslillas founder and executive director Patrick Dornsten.

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