New UK school opens to transgender children

NEWCASTLE – The new school in the city centre of Newcastle will be a place for all of its students to learn about their own identities.

The school, which is opening on Tuesday, will be open to trans children from the age of nine.

Its director said: “It’s important to create spaces where young people can come to explore their identities and be open about their feelings.”

In 2017, the new school opened for trans students.

It is the latest to come to the city, after a primary school in North London opened in 2016.

More: Transgender children who were born as women have previously attended schools in the capital.

The new school is located in a busy residential area of the city which was once a brothel.

It has a large courtyard, a large playground and a small, intimate classroom.

It also has a gymnasium.

Mariemma says she is pleased that the new facility will allow trans children to come out and live their lives freely.

“It will be good for their health, because they’ll have space to exercise and go to the gym, they’ll get to play in the courtyard, and then they’ll also have the space to talk to their friends and go out in the community,” she said.

But some trans children feel the new location is a distraction.

“It’s going to be a bit of a shock and a bit scary for me,” said Sophie, 13, from Newcastle.

“I can’t go out as a boy, because I don’t fit into the mould, and I don’ want to feel like a man, I can’t do that.”

“But I know I can do it as a girl.”

Mareema, 13 , also from Newcastle, said she felt more comfortable going to school as a transgender girl.

A young boy from the town of Wye, who is currently at school, said he felt “surprised” to be asked to attend a school with a transgender school.

They both spoke to BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsbeat about the new opening and the changing environment of Newcastle.

Nigel from Wye said he found the school “a bit strange”, and said he was “a little confused” about why he was being asked to go.

He said: I’m sure they’ll be very welcoming, I’ve always been very open and welcoming, and they’ll definitely treat me like a girl, but the fact that I’m a girl is kind of hard to take.

I feel like I need to be there.

It will also be very, very different to my school, where I was taught to be scared, to be ashamed, to think that I was not a girl and to not be proud of it, so it’s really going to make me question myself.

And there’s the worry that it will lead to bullying.

Trans children have previously faced bullying at schools, including in the case of a young boy in England who was asked to leave school because he was trans.

In March, a trans boy, who did not want to be named, said a school in Manchester had made a policy of excluding trans students, despite the fact they were already accepted into the school.

He said:The idea of a trans girl going to the same school as an accepted boy, it’s a huge step backwards.

“The school doesn’t need to exclude me.

They can take my gender, but I’ll just go to another school, and that will be that.”

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