How to Swim in Hawaii, Part 2

Here are the basic steps to a perfect Hawaii swim, as well as a few tips for the novice.1.

Swim from shoreline to shoreline in a single stroke.

This will help you maintain balance while in the water.2.

The easiest way to get up the steps, however, is to get a buddy with you to help.3.

Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to keeping your head above the waterline, as you’ll be in the path of waves.4.

You’ll need to be at least 4 feet (1.5 meters) tall to comfortably swim a standard 8-meter (26-foot) swim, so don’t try to squeeze out the best part of your stride.5.

When in the ocean, avoid swimming in the shallow water where the water can quickly become too shallow.

The deeper you go, the more likely it is to spill over into the shallow, muddy water.6.

For the beginner, keep it simple.

As with most swimming, try to use your eyes and feet to swim in the same direction as the waves.

If you’re in the middle of a wave, your feet and eyes will have to go in different directions to avoid getting swept away.7.

The best time to start is right after you reach the shoreline, so make sure you stay in the center of the water as you start to head toward the shore.8.

For a longer swim, try staying in the waves and letting your feet sink into the water and into the surf.

Once you reach a certain depth, you should begin to move your feet in the direction of the waves, as opposed to staying in your own body.9.

If the water is clear, stay on the water surface and be ready to quickly start to swim again when you get to shore.10.

If not, the next step is to head down and back up, which should take you back to shore and make you feel more confident.

You can follow all of the steps in this article on our Hawaii swim lessons page.

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