Why Eastvale Swim Lessons are a Better Place to Learn Than a Gymnasium

Posted August 29, 2018 07:24:12 The Eastvale Gymnasia and Eastvale School District has been offering swimming lessons at the swimming pool since 1997.

However, the district recently decided to discontinue the swimming lessons due to the recent influx of high-school students.

“This is the first time that we have decided to stop the swim lessons and move them to the indoor facility,” Eastvale Superintendent Mike Pachal told the Eastvale City Council earlier this month.

“We have been looking at the long-term health and safety of our students and the district is not able to continue to provide them with the type of swimming lessons that are required.

We are continuing to evaluate the situation, and we have a plan in place to address this.”

In March, Eastvale officials decided to move all swimming lessons to the new indoor facility.

The new facility is a four-story, 400-space, fully enclosed pool that is the same size as a gymnasium and features a swimming pool slide, indoor tennis courts, a basketball court and a basketball practice area.

The district says the new pool will be equipped with a full size sink, a hand towel and hot tub.

The pool also features a full-sized locker room, a pool table, water cooler, showers and restrooms.

A total of 50 children are enrolled in the pool lessons, but only 30 of those are currently in the program.

While the swimming club was closed, there was still a pool on site.

According to Pachally, the pool is still being monitored to make sure that there is no additional water added to the pool in the future.

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