What are ywCA Swim Lessons?

News24.com – You may have seen a few pictures on social media of ywChildrens Swim lessons, but you may have also been curious about the reasons for their existence.Read MoreThe YWCA says they offer swimming lessons to children aged two to eight, although this may include children of parents who are also parents of children.TheRead More

Which is the best swimming lesson?

The answer is pretty simple.There are so many.The first one is to make sure you understand the concept of an instructor and how they are supposed to teach the basics of swimming.Then, there’s the ability to learn in a safe environment and be able to focus on the swim itself.Then there’s understanding that the sportRead More

How to watch a free movie on YouTube in your browser

How do you watch a movie in your favorite browser?That’s a question that Google is now asking to make sure that you have the experience you want when you click on the “Play” button on YouTube videos.The feature is called “Viewer Mode” and it will allow you to view your favorite YouTube videos on anyRead More

How to find your best swimmers in the world

Bentonville, Tennessee (CNN)    “They’re not going to do it for the money,” said Steve Hogg, the owner of the Benton Beach Swim School in the city of Benton.“It’s about the experience.”Read more

What to know about the new pool in Minnesotans backyard

A new swimming pool in a Minnesota suburb is getting the green light from the city, but the details are being kept from the public.Ricky Williamsworth, executive director of the Twin Cities Recreation and Parks Department, says the City of Minneapolis has approved the $2.6 million pool for the former South Park Recreation Center atRead More

How to make the most of your $50K waterpark trip

If you’re thinking about spending the $50,000 you save on your next waterpark ticket, you might want to think twice.According to the most recent figures from the National Park Service, waterparks are a popular way for adults to spend their money.But according to experts at the waterpark industry trade group, waterpark attendance is a relativelyRead More

Teen in wheelchair gets free swim lessons from mom

MINNEAPOLIS — A 15-year-old girl who was left in a wheelchair after she was diagnosed with autism was able to get a free swim lesson from her mother after she had to be transported to a hospital.The incident happened Sunday at a school in Minneapolis.Her mother was in the back seat, and the other twoRead More

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