Why it’s time to stop swimming lessons in the United States

By now you’ve heard about the recent spate of drownings, and you’ve probably wondered what you could do about it.Well, a new report released this week by the Institute for Justice and the Center for American Progress says you can do more to stop the practice of swimming lessons.The report, titled “Swimming Lessons in theRead More

How to get an ice bath in Ireland

If you want to see a watermelon in Ireland, you’ll have to go to Swimming Pool No. 1.Swimming Pool One at Swimming Park, Swinford, Co. Dublin, is the only watermelon on the island of Ireland.If you do not want to go there, you will have to visit Swimming Club No. 3 in Co. Mayo.The clubRead More

Seton High School swim lessons and the latest headlines

Seton, N.J. — Seton has become the latest high school to add a new swimming program.The high school will begin swimming lessons next month at the start of classes, Seton’s superintendent, Michael Schoenberger, said Tuesday.The new swim lessons are part of the Seton Swim School’s push to expand its curriculum to more than 1,000 students.SchoenbergerRead More

When will the NCAA rule on transgender players?

The NCAA announced Monday that it will begin regulating the use of transgender athletes as members of the team pool and that players who are not able to play in a team sport because of their gender identity will not be able to compete at the college level.The NCAA also announced that it would startRead More

How to swim lessons at Wou in Lake Michigan

Wou is a swim lesson and swim school in Lake Superior, Wisconsin, about 35 miles south of the city of Wauwatosa.But it is a unique experience because it is open to the public, offering lessons on its website and on a large screen at the water’s edge.The water is cold and crystal clear, and youRead More

When is the next swimming lesson?

TEXAS WATER LEARNERS, CALIFORNIA’S OWN SONG: The last time I swam in my backyard, I was only four years old.But I still remember that night vividly.I swum for the first time in my life on a hot, sunny day at the local pool.I thought it was pretty awesome.My dad was there, and we were inRead More

Which is the most important way to swim in Salt Lake City?

By Andrew SmithSalt Lake City (Reuters) – Salt Lake city’s new $1.6 billion new swimming facility has many attractions and many new features, but one of the most exciting is its water feature.The Aquarium of the Americas announced it is expanding to two water features.The Aquarium will open on May 2, bringing the number ofRead More

How to get a swimming lesson in the US

Water in the swimming pool is safe, but the risk is still there, according to a new study.Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder examined swimming lessons taken by more than 30,000 students in Colorado schools.Their findings reveal that most of the lessons were about “self-defense”, “sporting”, “fishing” and “camping”.They also found that many ofRead More

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